Davis Mark-15 Plastic Sextant

Davis Mark-15 Plastic Sextant
Brand: Davis Instruments
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Mark 15 Sextant

  • Large, easily adjustable mirrors using new instrument-quality glass and a special baked on salt-spray resistant backing. Both mirrors have protective housings. Horizon mirror is half-silvered. No adjustment wrenches required
  • 7 large sunshades
  • 7" frame radius; 3mm x 27mm starscope; easy to read micrometer drum and vernier scale (to 0.2°), graduation 120° to -5° with precision-machined, slow travel worm gear mechanism
  • Molded of high-impact, weather-resistant plastic. Lightweight; corrosion proof
  • Tough, fully padded, shock-resisting carrying case with compartments for extra batteries and mirror kits