ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs

ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs
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ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs (NP231) - The propose of this publication is to assist mariners to acquire and maintain a high level of knowledge regarding the content and use of ENCs in ECDIS. It is intended to supplement and reinforce elements of ECDIS training on the use of chart data and its interpretation. It does not replace any of the training requirements set out in the international Maritime Organization (IMO) Model Course 1.27 or the Manila Amendments to STCW.

Navigation with ECDIS is fundamentally different from navigating with a paper chart. An ECDIS presents the navigator with a highly flexible display which, if correctly configured, offers a significant increase in situational awareness and safety. It should permit more time for the watchkeeper to maintain a proper visual watch. However, if the display and the ECDIS settings are not fully understood, then the chart display can be misinterpreted, and in the worst case the safety of the vessel compromised.