ADMIRALTY Tidal Stream Atlases

ADMIRALTY Tidal Stream Atlases
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ADMIRALTY Tidal Stream Atlases include detailed tidal stream direction and strength information for key locations in North West Europe. This information, when used in conjunction with Tide Tables, enables accurate calculation of tidal stream rates for a particular port when planning a voyage.
Each volume of Tidal Stream Atlases includes:
  • ​​​Pictorial representations of tidal stream directions for each hour before and after the reference port
  • Information on the direction and rate of tidal streams, including the effect of neap and spring tides on tidal rates
  • Neap and spring tidal rates in tenths of a knot to help bridge-crews calculate the tidal stream rate on any particular day
Coverage diagram
NP No NP209 - Tidal Stream Atlas Orkney & Shetland Islands
NP214 - Co-Tidal Atlas, Persian Gulf
NP215 - Co-Tidal Atlas South-East Asia
NP218 - Tidal Stream Atlas North Coast of Ireland,West Coast of Scotland
NP219 - Tidal Stream Atlas Portsmouth Harbour and Approaches
NP220 - Tidal Stream Atlas Rosyth Harbour and Approaches
NP221 - Tidal Stream Atlas Plymouth Harbour and Approaches
NP222 - Tidal Stream Atlas, Firth of Clyde and Approaches
NP233 - Tidal Stream Atlas Dover Strait
NP249 - Tidal Stream Atlas Thames Estuary, (With Co-Tidal Charts)
NP250 - Tidal Stream Atlas, English Channel
NP251 - Tidal Stream Atlas North Sea, Southern Part
NP252 - Tidal Stream Atlas North Sea, North Western Part
NP253 - Tidal Stream Atlas North Sea, Eastern Part
NP254 - Tidal Stream Atlas, The West Country Falmouth to Teignmouth
NP255 - Tidal Stream Atlas, Falmouth to Padstow including Isles of Scilly
NP256 - Tidal Stream Atlas Irish Sea and Bristol Channel
NP257 - Tidal Stream Atlas Approaches to Portland
NP258 - Tidal Stream Atlas Bristol Channel, Lundy to Avonmouth
NP259 - Tidal Stream Atlas Irish Sea Eastern Part
NP263 - Tidal Stream Atlas, Lyme Bay
NP264 - Tidal Stream Atlas The Channel Islands & Adjacent Coasts of France
NP265 - Tidal Stream Atlas France,West Coast
NP337 - Tidal Stream Atlas The Solent and Adjacent waters