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ADMIRALTY Tide Tables (NP201-208) contain easy-to-use height, timing and tidal stream information to support the planning of departure and arrival times. Coverage includes 500 standard and 5,700 secondary ports in the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
Each volume of Tide Tables includes:​
  • D​​aily high and low-water times and heights for standard ports, time and height differences for secondary ports and harmonic constants for all ports where they are known
  • Methods of prediction and information about the effects of meteorological conditions on tides
  • Additional information on exceptional tidal factors provided for each area
  • ADMIRALTY QR codes to enable quick access to a list of all Notices to Mariners (NMs) that affect that publication
Coverage diagram
NP No NP201(A) - Vol 1A, English Channel to River Humber IncChannel Is & European Channel Ports
NP201(B) - Vol 1B, United Kingdom & Ireland excludingEnglish Channel & European Channel
NP202 - Vol 2 - Europe, North Atlantic & Arctic
NP203 - Vol 3 - Indian Ocean
NP204 - Vol 4 - South Pacific Ocean
NP205 - Vol 5 - South China Sea & Indonesia
NP206 - Vol 6 - North Pacific Ocean
NP207 - Vol 7 - SW Atlantic Ocean & South America
NP208 - Vol 8 - Med, W Africa & SE Atlantic Ocean