ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilot)

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilot)
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilots) provide essential information to support port entry and coastal navigation for all classes of ships at sea. Split across 75 volumes, coverage includes the world’s main commercial shipping routes and ports. ​​​
Each volume of Sailing Directions offers:​​
  • Information on navigational hazards, buoyage, pilotage, regulations, general notes on countries​, port facilities, seasonal currents, ice and climatic conditions. This information, when used alongside official ADMIRALTY charts, can help to increase situational awareness on the bridge.​​​
  • ​​​High quality diagrams and photography to help bridge-crews understand critical information during the passage planning stage.
  • Worldwide official coverage to support safe and comp​liant navigation within main commercial shipping routes and ports. This coverage is split across 75 volumes for purchase flexibility.
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Download Sailing Directions Status Lists
NP No NP1 - Africa Pilot Vol.1
NP2 - Africa Pilot Vol.2
NP3 - Africa Pilot Vol.3
NP4 - South-East Alaska Pilot
NP5 - South America Pilot Vol.1
NP6 - South America Pilot Vol.2
NP7 - South America Pilot Vol.3
NP7A - South America Pilot Vol.4
NP8 - Pacific Coasts/Cent.America/U.S.
NP9 - Antarctic Pilot
NP10 - Arctic Pilot Vol.1
NP11 - Arctic Pilot Vol.2
NP12 - Arctic Pilot Vol.3
NP13 - Australia Pilot Vol.1
NP14 - Australia Pilot Vol.2
NP15 - Australia Pilot Vol.3
NP18 - Baltic Pilot Vol.1
NP19 - Baltic Pilot Vol.2
NP20 - Baltic Pilot Vol.3
NP21 - Bay of Bengal Pilot
NP22 - Bay of Biscay Pilot
NP23 - Bering Sea and Strait Pilot
NP24 - Black Sea and Sea of Azov Pilot
NP25 - British Columbia Pilot Vol.1
NP26 - British Columbia Pilot Vol.2
NP27 - Channel Pilot
NP28 - Dover Strait Pilot
NP30 - China Sea Pilot Vol.1
NP31 - China Sea Pilot Vol.2
NP32 - China Sea Pilot Vol.3
NP33 - Philippine Islands Pilot
NP34 - Indonesia Pilot Vol.2
NP35 - Indonesia Pilot Vol.3
NP36 - Indonesia Pilot Vol.1
NP37 - West Coast of England and Wales Pilot
NP38 - West Coast of India Pilot
NP39 - South Indian Ocean Pilot
NP40 - Irish Coast Pilot
NP41 - Japan Pilot Vol.1
NP42A - Japan Pilot Vol.2
NP42B - Japan Pilot Vol.3
NP42C - Japan Pilot Vol.4
NP43 - South and East Coasts of Korea, East Coast Siberia and Sea of Okhotsk Pilot
NP44 - Malacca Strait Pilot
NP45 - Mediterranean Pilot Vol.1
NP46 - Mediterranean Pilot Vol.2
NP47 - Mediterranean Pilot Vol.3
NP48 - Mediterranean Pilot Vol 4
NP49 - Mediterranean Pilot Vol.5
NP50 - Newfoundland and Labrador Pilot
NP51 - New Zealand Pilot
NP52 - North Coast of Scotland Pilot
NP54 - North Sea (West) Pilot
NP55 - North Sea (East) Pilot
NP56 - Norway Pilot Vol.1
NP57A - Norway Pilot Vol 2A
NP57B - Norway Pilot Vol.2B
NP58A - Norway Pilot Vol.3A
NP58B - Norway Pilot Vol.3B
NP59 - Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy Pilot
NP60 - Pacific Islands Pilot Vol.1
NP61 - Pacific Islands Pilot Vol.2
NP62 - Pacific Islands Pilot Vol.3
NP63 - Persian Gulf Pilot
NP64 - Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot
NP65 - St. Lawrence Pilot
NP66A - South West Coast of Scotland Pilot
NP66B - North West Coast of Scotland Pilot
NP67 - W.Coast of Spain & Portugal Pilot
NP68 - E.Coast of the U.S. Pilot Vol.1
NP69 - E.Coast of the U.S. Pilot Vol.2
NP69A - E.Coast Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot
NP70 - West Indies Pilot Vol.1
NP71 - West Indies Pilot Vol.2
NP72 - Southern Barents Sea & Beloye Nore Pilot