Tamaya (Japan)

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Tamaya Marine Binocular SS7x50RB-D
Tamaya 7X50 military type binoculars with superb optics and rubber armored have been designed and..
Tamaya Seiko Quartz Chornometer QM-11
QM-11 is using high-precision quartz crystal oscillator(TCXO) which is specially designed to maint..
Tamaya Navigator NC-2200
Tamaya Navigator NC-2200  Brochure Main Features Simple operation with buil..
Tamaya Navigation Triangles
Navigation Triangles a position finder for navigator, consisting of a danger-angle triangle and a ..
Tamaya Marine Sextant MS-733
MS-733 has proved its finest quality in many years of use by ocean-going yachtsmen and marine indu..
Tamaya Marine Sextant MS-833
MS-833 is the more economical type but a full-size sextant. It has many of the advanced features..