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A Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties
This book is provided to support LPG operators who already have considerable expertise in the manage..
Accident Prevention (IP no.4) : The Use of Hoses and Hard-Arms at Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gas, 2nd Edition
Information Paper No.4. The basic data for this book, which was obtained from independent sources, w..
Anchoring Systems and Procedures
As background to the development of this revised publication; concerns had been expressed, by OCI..
Ballast Water Management, 11th Edition
This 11th edition of 'Ballast Water Management' sets out the current international and nation..
Barge Safety (Liquefied Cargoes in Bulk)
This safety guide is intended for use within vessels where there are no international, national or l..
BMP5: Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy and Enhance Maritime Security in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea
BMP5 is the fifth edition of the Best Management Practices (BMP), which are jointly prod..
Bulk Carrier Notes
This Witherby Publishing book (2010) for Ship's Officers provides a good modern introduction to Bulk..
Bulk Carriers Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures 2nd Edition
This book of guidelines focuses on the IACS Member Societies' survey procedures. It will also be use..
Cargo Notes 2nd Edition
Studying for any Certificate of Competency can be a daunting task, not made easier by the need to pl..
Chemical Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide
The booklet will provide a good introduction and familiarisation to Tanker practice, terminology and..
Clean Seas Guide for Oil Tankers, 4th Edition
The clean seas programme was introduced by the shipping industry to restrict the operational dischar..
Condition Evaluation and Maintenance of Tanker Structures
This book highlights a number of areas and items to focus on to assist those undertaking a technical..
Contingency Planning and Crew Response Guide for Gas Carrier Damage at Sea and in Port Approaches
This guide addresses the aspects of contingency planning that are relevant to the liquefied gas carr..
Dictionary of Commercial International Trade & Shipping Terms
Author: Branch, Alan E...
ECDIS Procedures Guide 2020 Edition
The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides recommendations, designed to accompany a ship’s safety mana..