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IB946E - A Pocket Guide to Cold Water Survival, 2012 Edition
This guidance is intended primarily for seafarers. It provides information which will help you if..
I947E - Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques
The guide was prepared by the Sub-Committee on Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue at its tent..
I969E - GMDSS Operating Guidance Card
This useful A4 (297 mm x 210 mm) card provides guidance on the procedures to be followed under th..
IE951E - NAVTEX Manual, 2017 Edition
NAVTEX is an international automated direct-printing service for promulgation of navigational and..
I971E - Guidance on GMDSS Distress Alerts Card, 2013 Edition
This useful A4 portrait card provides guidance on distress alerts. A tough plastic lamination (yo..
IB955E - SAR Convention, 2006 Edition
Providing a framework for carrying out search and rescue operations following accidents at sea, this..
IJ960E - IAMSAR Manual: Volume I, 2019 Edition
Organization and Management (volume I) discusses the global SAR system concept, establishment and..
IG961E - IAMSAR Manual: Volume II, 2019 Edition
The Mission Co-ordination (volume II) assists personnel who plan and co-ordinate SAR operatio..
IJ962E - IAMSAR Manual: Volume III (Mobile Facilities), 2019 Edition
Mobile Facilities (volume III) is intended to be carried on board rescue units, aircraft and ..
IA966E - IAMSAR Manual Volume III Action Cards, 2019 Edition
Contained in a handy waterproof wallet, the IAMSAR Volume III Action Cards can be remove..
IC981E - Poster: Symbols related to Life-Saving Appliances and Arrangements, 2018 Edition
This full-colour A2-size poster showing the symbols related to life-saving appliances and arrange..
IA968E - Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition
Fatigue is a hazard because it may affect a seafarer’s ability to do their job effectively and ..
I988E - Poster: Symbols related to Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings, 2018 Edition
This full-colour A2-size poster showing the symbols related to escape route signs and equipment l..
II970E - GMDSS Manual, 2019 Edition
The GMDSS Manual provides, in a single comprehensive publication, an explanation of the princ..
I973E - IMO/ILO Guidelines on Seafarers' Hours, 1999 Edition
Developed by a joint working group of the International Labour Organization and IMO, these guideline..