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I558E - book: Response to a Marine Oil Pollution Incident, 2016 Edition
This publication provides Guidelines on international offers of assistance (IOA) in response..
IB560E - Manual on Oil Pollution (Section II), 2018 Edition
This publication aims to assist governments in establishing a national oil spill response system ..
IA566E - Manual on Oil Pollution (Section III), 1997 Edition
The Manual on Oil Pollution currently consists of four sections (sections V and VI are imminent), ..
IA569E - Manual on Oil Pollution (Section IV), 2005 Edition
This edition of Section IV draws on the experience and lessons learned by Governments and industry ..
IA572E - Manual on Oil Pollution (Section V), 2009 Edition
The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), at its thirty-third session, agreed that a new s..
I578E - Manual on Oil Pollution (Section VI), 1998 Edition
The IMO Guidelines from Sampling and Identification of Oil Spills are intended to provide guidance t..
IA575E - Oil Spill Dispersant Application Guidelines, 1995 Edition
The Guidelines provide up-to-date information on the use of oil spill dispersants. They are intende..
I579E - Oil Spill Risk Evaluation, 2010 Edition
This Manual provides: - Information on oil spill risk evaluation and assessment for the developmen..
I580E - IMO/UNEP Guidance Manual, 2009 Edition
On 27 July 2003, the oil tanker Tasman Spirit ran aground spilling a portion of its 67,000-tonne ca..
I581E - Guidance document on the implementation of an Incident Management System
This publication, prepared by the OPRC-HNS Technical Group and approved by IMO's Marine Environme..
I582E - Guideline for Oil Spill Response in fast currents, 2013 Edition
The aim of this Guideline is to provide essential information and a practical aid to oil spil..
IB586E - Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP), 2010 Edition
Regulation 37 of Annex I of MARPOL requires that oil tankers of 150 tons gross tonnage or more an..
I583E - Operational Guidelines on Sunken and Submerged Oil Assessment and Removal Techniques, 2016 Edition
The aim of the Guidelines is to provide practical guidance for assessing and responding to in..
IB597E - Port Reception Facilities - How to do it, 2016 Edition
This Manual provides practical information to Governments and competent (port) authorities, in pa..
I598E - Port Waste Reception Facilities, 2000 Edition
The MEPC at its 44th session (March 2000), adopted, by resolution MEPC.83(44), Guidelines for ensuri..