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I020E - Resolutions 20th Session 1997 (Res 839-873)
No Description..
I021E - Resolutions 21th Session 1999 (Res 874-901)
No Description..
I022E - Resolutions 22th Session 2001 (Res 902-935)
No Description..
I023E - Resolutions 23th Session 2003 (Res 936-965)
No Description..
I024E - Resolutions 24th Session 2005 (Res 966-988)
The twenty fourth session of the IMO Assembly, from 21 November to 1 December 2005, adopted resoluti..
I025E - Resolutions 25th Session 2007 (Res 989-1010)
The twenty-fifth session of the IMO Assembly, from 19 to 29 November 2007, adopted resolutions that ..
I026E - Resolutions 26th Session 2009 (Res 1011-1032)
The 26th session of the IMO Assembly took place at the Headquarters of the Organization from 23 Nove..
TA101E - Model course: Tanker Familiarization, 2000 Edition
This course is for officers and key ratings who have not previously served on board an oil tanker. I..
TB104E - Model course:Training for Chemical Tankers, 2006 Edition
Masters, officers and others on board chemical tankers who have immediate responsibilities for the l..
TA106E - Model course: Training for Liquefied Gas Tankers, 1999Edition
Those masters, officers and others who have immediate responsibility for the loading, discharging an..
TA107E - Model course: Radar Navigation - Operational level, 1999 Edition
This course provides training in the basic theory and use of radar for those who will be in charge o..
TA108E - Model course:Radar Navigation - Management level, 1999Edition
This course provides management-level training in the use of radar and ARPA including bridge teamwor..
TA110E - Model course: Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargo, 2002 Edition
The course is intended for: - Seafaring personnel responsible for the handling of packaged dangerou..
TA113E - Model course: Elementary First Aid, 2000 Edition
This model course provides training in elementary first aid at the support level and is based on the..
TA114E - Model course: Medical First Aid, 2000 Edition
This model course provides training in elementary first aid at operator's level and is based on the ..