Brown, Son and Ferguson

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Elements of Modern Ship Construction
Author: David J House..
Flags of All Nations
No Description..
Glossary of Cargo Handling Terms
Author: Capt. A.G. Course and R.B. Oram..
Liquified Petroleum Gas Tanker Practice
Author: Capt. T.W.V. Woolcott..
Magnetic Compass Deviation and Correction
Author: W. Deene..
Manual of Oil Tanker Operations, 1st Edition 2011
Author: Dr. Raymond Solly..
Brown's Rule of the Road Manual, 19th Edition 2013
Browns Rule of the Road Manual By H.H Brown, Extra Master. Revised & expanded by: S..
Maritime Buoyage System 'A' Wallcard
No Description ..
Mathematical Notes and Examples for Second Mates
Author: A.C. Gardner..
Meteorology for Seafarers 2015
Commander C. R. Burgess, former Meteorological Officer in the UK Meteorological Office, Bracknell..
Navigation Guide (Volume 1) - Near Coastal Navigation
Author: Capt. A. Simpson..
Navigation Guide (Volume 2) - Celestial Navigation
Author: Capt. A. Simpson..
Nicholls Concise Guide (Volume 1)
Author: Edward J. Coolen ..
Nicholls Concise Guide (Volume 2)
Author: Edward J. Coolen ..
Nicholls Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge, 28th Edition 2004
Author: Capt A.N. Cockcroft ..