About Us

Hong Kong Ships Supplies Co., Ltd. was established in 1967.  Since then HKSS has been supplying Admiralty charts, publications and instruments to shipping companies, yachting people and seamen in Hong Kong and worldwide.  HKSS has earned its reputation in the Shipping Industry over the previous achievements.  HKSS provides a wide range of services including folio management which assists many shipping companies in complying with the ISM code. 

HKSS is certified ISO 9001. ISO 9001 certification is awarded to companies who demonstrate superior quality management, ensure ongoing quality improvements and have a proven commitment to customer satisfaction.

As a well-known “ships supplies” company in Hong Kong, HKSS is the official agents, distributors for many different kinds of products.

For Charts, HKSS is the official agent and distributor for:

  • UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO),
  • Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

For Publications, HKSS is the official agent and distributor for:

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO),
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU),
  • Brown, Son and Ferguson,
  • The Stationery Office (TSO),
  • Witherbys Publishing Group

Besides, HKSS also carries a variety of instruments.  We are the official agent and distributor for:

  • WEMPE – Chronometers, Clocks, Barometers…etc.
  • Hanseatic – Chronometers, Clocks, Barometers…etc.
  • Fischer –  Marine Barograph, Clocks, Barometers…etc.
  • Bushnell – Marine Binoculars
  • TAMAYA – Sextant, Navigation Calculator, Marine Binoculars…etc.
  • John Lilley & Gillie – Magnetic Compasses
  • Blundell Harling – Chartroom Stationery
  • Davis – Yachting Instruments
  • ZEAL – Hydrometer, Hygrometer