Tamaya Marine Sextant MS-733

Tamaya Marine Sextant MS-733
Brand: Tamaya
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MS-733 has proved its finest quality in many years of use by ocean-going yachtsmen and marine industry professionals.

Its optical system is designed with the latest know-how to assure the maximum performance.

Accuracy Less than 10" of arc for -5 to 125 degrees
Arc Reads from -5 to 125 degrees
White engravings on black finished bronze
Radius 162mm
Micrometer drum White engravings on a black plastic drum, held securely to tangent screw with two locking devices. 1' scale vernier reads to 0'.2
Frame Lightweight aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant black funish, bronze arc.
Index mirror Rectangular, 57x42mm, aluminized on the rear side.
Horizon mirror Circular, 57mm diameter.
The right half aluminized on the rear side.
Shade glass 4 for index mirror
3 for horizon mirror
1 shade glass
1 polaroid glass for eyepiece
Telescope 4x40mm angle of view 7 degrees
or 7x35mm angle of view 6.5 degrees, all optics fully coated
Illuminator On both arc and drum
Weight 2.0 kgs.
Carrying case Double wall air mold (H.D. Polyethylene) 335x335x165mm, 1.8 kgs.
Standard Accessories 1 adjusting wrench
2 dry cells UM-3, 2 light bulbs