Tamaya Seiko Quartz Chornometer QM-11

Tamaya Seiko Quartz Chornometer QM-11
Brand: Tamaya
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QM-11 is using high-precision quartz crystal oscillator(TCXO) which is specially designed to maintain high accuracy constantly even under harsh environmental conditions.

In addition to the high accuracy and excellent durability, the Chronometer is equipped with water resistance equivalent to IPX3(JIS 3rd class), thus being highly suitable for use on board a ship.

Furthermore, it is housed in a gorgeous wooden frame case, which makes it fit nicely in any type of rooms as a charming piece of furniture.

Accuracy Daily rate of loss/gain: ±0.1 seconds(at 25ºC)
Average daily range of difference: 0.04 seconds
Temperature characteristics Daily rate of loss/gain: ±0.2 seconds(0ºC~40ºC)
Temperature range For rated accuracy:0ºC~40ºC
For rated operation: -10ºC~50ºC
Battery life Approximately 12 months
Battery R20/D dry battery, 3 pieces
Range of input voltage 3.3V~4.8V DC
Current consumption 550㎂ (4.5V)
Backup battery duration Approximately 40 hours
Second hand movement 0.5-second interval movement
IC(Integrated Circuit) C-MOS IC
Magnetic resistance Assurance level: DC magnetic field of 30 oersted (DC magnetic field of 2,387 A/m)
Shock resistance No malfunction after continuous application of shocks of 2G
Humid resistance No malfunction under relative humidity of 90% and temperature of 40ºC
Water resistance Equivalent to IPX3 (JIS 3rd class)
Outer dimensions 184(W) x 215(H) x 76(D) (in mm) (excluding protruded portion)
Case Made of sen wood, finished with coating
Weight 2.2kg