ECDIS Passage Planning, 2nd Edition

ECDIS Passage Planning, now in its 2nd Edition, has been fully revised and updated, providing guidance to safely conduct voyage planning on ECDIS and a new section on ECDIS Watchkeeping. This publication provides practical guidance to assist the navigator through the appraisal and planning stages of the passage on ECDIS, combined with further guidance on how ECDIS should be properly utilised to assist the OOW in keeping the navigational watch.  

Since ECDIS was required for newbuild passenger ships and tankers in July 2012 and cargo ships in July 2013, July 2015 is the 1st ECDIS implementation date for existing vessels, with its carriage requirement for the extisting tanker fleet.

The industry demands for information on ECDIS are now focused on the need for practical guidance in its use by the OOW while watchkeeping. Since the publication of the 1st edition of this Guide, work has been undertaken on preparing comprehensive guidance in the use of ECDIS while keeping the navigational watch. A further section has been prepared that details typical problems that are found in the use of ECDIS, that the OOW particularly needs to be aware of.