Cargo Notes 2nd Edition

Studying for any Certificate of Competency can be a daunting task, not made easier by the need to plough through weighty textbooks and legislative publications. Cargo Notes provides a comprehensive and usable alternative.
This title is split into two sections that cover both dry and liquid cargoes. Cargo Notes provides key points and summaries on all relevant Legislation and Codes and an Operational Overview for all of the main cargo types, from Bulk Carriers, RoRos, Reefers and Containers through to Tankers and Liquefied Gas Carriers.
Dan Swadi, had a career at sea on a wide variety of ships including: Container ships, gas carriers and bulk carriers. In addition to his Masters licence, Dan also has a Masters degree in Marine Policy with a distinction from Cardiff University. Dan wrote this book while working as a lecturer at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies and has since moved on to join Northern Marine Management.