USCG Light List 2012

USCG Light List 2012
USCG Light List 2012
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The United States Coast Guard Light List is an American navigation publication in 7 volumes made available yearly by the U.S. Coast Guard which gives information on lighted navigation aids, unlighted buoys, radiobeacons, radio direction finder calibration stations, daybeacons, racons, and LORAN stations. Each volume of the Light List contains aids to navigation in geographic order from north to south along the Atlantic coast, from east to west along the Gulf coast, and from south to north along the Pacific coast. It lists seacoast aids first, followed by entrance and harbor aids listed from seaward. Intracoastal Waterway aids are listed last in geographic order in the direction from New Jersey to Florida to the border of Texas and Mexico. The listings are preceded by a description of the aids to navigation system in the United States, luminous range diagram, geographic range tables, and other information.

Volume Regional Area
I ATLANTIC COAST St. Croix River, Maine to Shrewsbury River, New Jersey
II ATLANTIC COAST Shrewsbury River New Jersey to Little River South Carolina.
III ATLANTIC COAST and GULF COASTS Little River South Carolina to Econfina River Florida. (Including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)
IV GULF OF MEXICO Econfina River Florida to Rio Grand Texas.
VII GRETA LAKES Great Lakes and St Lawrence River above the St Regis River