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A Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties
This book is provided to support LPG operators who already have considerable expertise in the manage..
Accident Prevention (IP no.4) : The Use of Hoses and Hard-Arms at Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gas, 2nd Edition
Information Paper No.4. The basic data for this book, which was obtained from independent sources, w..
Contingency Planning and Crew Response Guide for Gas Carrier Damage at Sea and in Port Approaches
This guide addresses the aspects of contingency planning that are relevant to the liquefied gas carr..
Guide to Contingency Planning for Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gases in Bulk 2nd Edition
This book specifically relates to the safe storage and transfer of liquefied gases at marine termina..
Guide to Contingency Planning for the Gas Carrier Alongside and Within Port Limits, 2nd Edition
This book helps the port authority that is operating liquefied gas terminals to develop or review th..
Guidelines for Hazard Analysis as an Aid to Management of Safe Operations
An objective aid to gas tanker and terminal operators in their management of safe operations and the..
Introduction to the Design and Maintenance of cargo system pressure relief valves onboard gas carriers
Using an incident that involved relief valve failure during loading of a semi-pressurised LPG carrie..
Liquefied Gas Carriers Your Personal Safety Guide
This book contains important safety advice that should be followed while serving onboard liquefied g..
Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management
It covers a broad spectrum of the liquefied gas industry, including large refrigerated and smaller p..
Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals, 3rd Edition
This book is for serving officers and terminal operational staff who are responsible for cargo handl..
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures
It has been established that the risk of an incident is much greater when personnel are attempting t..
Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers, 2011
Owing to the nature of their construction, certain types and sizes of liquefied gas carriers may be ..
Quantity Calculations LPG and Chemical Gases, 2nd Edition
It is essential to understand the differences in the various calculation procedures practiced if dis..
Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases
The Guide is aimed at providing advice for Masters, Marine Superintendents and others, such as ST..