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Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations, 1st Edition 2018
This essential new publication provides information and guidance on the safe management ..
Tanker Vetting
This guide seeks to clarify the vetting issues and explain the processes used with the objective of ..
Tankers - An Introduction to the Transportation of Oil by Sea
This book provides a comprehensive summary of the industry that is suitable for those either inside ..
The Safe Transfer of Liquefied Gas in an Offshore Environment (STOLGOE)
The guide primarily addresses side-by-side (SBS) operations where the gas tanker moors alongside the..
Training and Assessment On Board, 4th Edition
Following the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001, the IMO introduced the International Ship an..
Witherbys Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Marine Insurance
Previously entitled 'Dictionary of Marine Insurance Terms and Clauses', this is the retitled 6th edi..
Onboard Safety
The purpose of the book is, to introduce the fundamental aspects of shipboard operations that can ..