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Response to Marine Oil Spills, 2nd Edition 2011
This book provides a comprehensive review of the problems that are posed by marine oil spills and di..
Safety and Health at Sea - A Practical Manual for Seafarers
The safety and health of seafarers is protected by an impressive framework of conventions and legisl..
Seamanship Notes
Studying for any Certificate of Competency can be a daunting task, not made easier by the need to pl..
Ship Manoeuvring Principles and Pilotage
This book is an excellent addition to the pool of knowledge on the subject. The text is easy to read..
Ship Operations and Management
The ICS TutorShip series is essential reading for students in commercial shipping, but it is also re..
Ship Sale and Purchase
This ICS coursebook sets out all aspects of ship sale and purchase, including the ship, ship registr..
Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases
The Guide is aimed at providing advice for Masters, Marine Superintendents and others, such as ST..
Single Point Mooring Maintenance and Operations Guide, 3rd Edition
SMOG is an industry guide with technical recommendations and guidance for the operation and maint..
SPM Hose Ancillary Equipment Guide, 3rd Edition
A guide providing the common descriptive terminology and technical requirements for use by the Desig..
Supertankers Anatomy and Operation
This sizeable work analyses every aspect of first- and second-generation tankers. At over 600 pages ..
Surveying Marine Damage, 2nd Edition
This well-established title is a handbook for marine surveyors and loss adjusters and a guide for un..
Survival Craft - A Seafarers Guide
Although the main focus of the guidance is directed at personnel onboard, it will also be of interes..
Tank Cleaning Guide (Verwey) 8th (2011) Edition
The cleaning charts give the tank cleaning procedure for each listed product to clean from and to in..
Tanker Chartering
This ICS coursebook examines tanker chartering in detail, including history and development, geograp..
Tanker Management and Self Assessment 3 (TMSA3)
The OCIMF Tanker Management and Self Assessment programme was originally introduced in 2004 a..