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Dictionary of Shipping, 5th Edition
This fifth edition of Alan Branch's comprehensive and internationally established dictionary contain..
Disabled Tankers - Report of Studies on Ship Drift and Towage
This book provides the Master of a disabled tanker with information about the most probable drift be..
Double Hull Oil Tankers, Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures
The guidelines focus on the IACS Member Societies' survey procedures but may also be useful in conne..
Drift Characteristics of 50,000 to 70,000 DWT Tankers
Following investigations into drift characteristics, it was discovered that results obtained for VLC..
Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse, 3rd Edition
The volume of illicit drugs being moved in commercial traffic and trade continues to increase..
Drugs and Ships
No Description..
Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance A Guide for Industry
This new publication will almost certainly prove to be a major source of reference on a subject of g..
Economics of Maritime Transport - Theory and Practice
Thirteen chapters divided into 3 parts, an in depth introduction, the economic theory of shipping an..
Effective Mooring, 3rd Edition
This popular title, now in its third edition, provides practical guidance on the basic principles of..
Fuel Storage Transportation & Supply Agreements
Storage agreements and their ancillary transportation arrangements are essential to the business of ..
Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers
This publication is a full account of the design and development of the fully refrigerated LPG carri..
General Cargo Ships Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures
This book provides guidelines for general cargo ships designed with one or more decks for the carria..
Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures, 2016 Consolidated Edition
This publication contains the various sources of information required to assess the condition of ..
Guidance Manual for the Inspection and Condition Assessment of Tanker Structures
This book provides guidance on survey preparation, including a review of requirements, safety aspect..
Guide to Contingency Planning for Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gases in Bulk 2nd Edition
This book specifically relates to the safe storage and transfer of liquefied gases at marine termina..